Anupama, 28th November 2020: Bapuji decided to throw Vanraj out of the house

Anupama 28 November
Dolly mentioned to Anupama, if she leaves the home, then all the home will collapse. Anupama stood up and requested why a lady all the time has a accountability to carry all the home. Dolly replied I do not know. Solely I do know it’s all that is quite common in workplaces now a day. Man has an attraction in the direction of the lady of much less age; they transfer behind them for some days after which return house again.

Dolly tries to persuade Anupama to not go away home:

Dolly mentioned, bhabhi, I do know all this does not appear proper. All this should not occur, however you recognize the person is all the time like that. At any time when they obtained bored at house, they transfer exterior for time to go. This Kavya is similar time go in Vanraj’s life. If something is extreme, then Bhai should go away the home days earlier than to be together with her. Anupama replied, if he left earlier than, then I’ve some respect for him. What if he cannot be mine than should be for another. Dolly replied Bhabhi, do not suppose from the guts and suppose from the thoughts about it. Dolly continued and mentioned; I’m not taking bhai’s favor right here. He did a really incorrect factor. However I solely wish to say that point modifications so much now. Anupama replied time has modified Dolly, however the relationship not. Should you get betrayal in a relationship, then you have to have ache now additionally. And sorry, Dolly, you might be from a brand new time, however your considering is outdated. Each accountability is for the spouse, and each proper is for the husband. If we speak about a property, then the home can be of husband. And if there’s a want to guard the home, then it should develop into of a spouse. Why so? Dolly replied as a result of the home can solely be protected by spouse bhabhi. The husband is a home roof whereas the spouse is the home’s basis. If the home’s basis is an excessive amount of robust, then additionally it wants a roof all the time. The roof should be threatened as a result of a roof cannot survive with out a basis. If foundations transfer little, then the roof got here throughout the ground. The husband does no matter they wish to do as a result of they know anybody from spouse, sister, mom, or society; out of all these, anybody should perceive him. Whereas what about ladies? Who will perceive her ache? Anupama says whether or not this home, youngsters, Baa Bapuji all are alone mine. If all these are of two of us, relationships are additionally of us, then Why not the accountability of defending relationship is of two? Anupama mentioned to Dolly, you all the time help me. Even you make Baa offended to help me. That is why I can not perceive at the moment why you might be explaining issues to me as a substitute of your brother. Dolly holds Anupama’s hand and mentioned it is not like that, bhabhi; you might be considering it incorrect; please attempt to perceive at the least. Anupama replied, your brother wants to grasp. Sanjay got here into the dialog of Anupama and Dolly and mentioned Bhabhi is saying proper, Dolly. One wants to grasp who made a mistake. Sanjay mentioned to Anupama I’m all the time there for you, and at the moment no matter will occur, I’m with you. Sanjay says we are going to take the menu again house within the morning. The subsequent morning, Nandini is exterior to sprinkle water over vegetation. Samar passes and stares at us by remembering the resort day he proposes to Nandini, and he or she replied by saying will speak about this later. In the meantime, Nandini asks Samar how’s everybody at house. He replied, nothing is okay. The state of affairs is extra essential than what we thought.

Samar and Nandini dialog:

Samar thinks and talks to himself and says, sorry, Miss Lol, I perceive from Mr. Shah what man would not have to do. I wish to be your happiness however cannot be that, however at the least I cannot be the explanation to your tears.

Vanraj and Kavya on name dialog:

Kavya talked on a name with Vanraj and mentioned, it is okay, Vanraj in case you do not stay at that home. She says that everybody is blaming you and thinks that you’re incorrect at this home. Then what’s the level? Kavya continues and says, pack your garments and are available to my house. Vanraj replied, my dad and mom are damage and offended over me, but it surely doesn’t suggest they do not love me. Even it doesn’t suggest that I’ll go away all of them and are available to you. Kavya, please do not react to this as a result of I’m not within the situation of considering and understanding something, and taking a call is the far factor. Kavya replied and mentioned, that is why I’m telling you to come back right here. Vanraj replied, No, Kavya, I do not wish to run away out from the state of affairs. I wish to speak to Baa and Bapuji. I really feel ashamed. Even I do know they do not wish to speak with me, however I nonetheless wish to speak to them. Until the time I speak to them or fulfill them. Choice making is thus far; even I can not take respiration. Vanraj cuts the decision. Kavya thinks that I perceive every little thing however afraid that Baa Bapuji will emotionally blackmail you and convey you away from me. Vanraj thinks for me nobody is extra vital than Baa Bapuji and kids’s. Kavya is in her place, whereas the household additionally has its place. And I do not wish to go away my household. Anupama brings Bapuji exterior. And mentioned it is good for his well being to take a seat within the daylight. The physique will get Vitamin D. Leela got here there with eyes down out of disgrace; Anupama gave her tea and mentioned if the brand new day begins with a smile, it goes effectively. Leela (Baa) and Bapuji seemed in the direction of Anupama and gave a small smile. Anupama takes Bapuji’s foot and begins doing therapeutic massage by saying that the chilly season begins now. In the meantime, Vanraj got here and put his fingers on Bapuji’s foot. Everybody turns into shocked. Bapuji checked out Vanraj and introduced his foot again. Vanraj mentioned Bapuji, please do not be offended with me. I’ll tolerate your anger in addition to scold however not your sullenness. If you want, then you may hit me with a stick. Bapuji replied and mentioned, I all the time say that life’s large selections are to not be taken in anger and haste. That is why yesterday I did not declare my resolution. Leela tried to interrupt Bapuji, however he confirmed her his hand to cease.

Bapuji instructed their resolution:

Bapuji mentioned, final night time, after considering an excessive amount of, I made a decision that Vanraj is not going to keep at my home. Everybody obtained shocked after listening to this. He lives in a lodge, workplace, rented home, out of metropolis or kavya’s house however not in my house. Bapuji got here to the room, and Baa follows him. Baa mentioned I do know Vanraj is incorrect, however you might be throwing him out of the home. You realize the son is stick throughout outdated life. Bapuji replied, when stick harms us, then we should put that out of the home. Leela mentioned whom you might be throwing out is my son. Bapuji replied, sure, he was my son, however now he’s nothing for us. Baa mentioned no matter you say, however he’ll all the time be ours. Should you put him out, individuals will chortle over what we answered to Dolly’s in-laws, neighbors, kinfolk, and Toshu’s marriage. Bapuji replied. Nonetheless, you suppose that ‘Kinjal’s mom will nonetheless make this marriage occurs. Baa mentioned, If not with kinjal, we have to do it with some other and be part of relation with this home. Our age is so outdated, however youngsters have to bear insult. If the finger obtained injured, then we have to do its therapy; as a substitute, we reduce and throw it out of our hand. We’re with daughter-in-law and all the time be together with her solely, however with out breaking household, if we are going to throw Vanraj out of the home, then all household will breakdown. Baa continues and says that I’ll punish Vanraj even clarify issues to him as I’m his mom. I’ll convey him to the fitting means. Bapuji replied and mentioned, if the person is incorrect, then no means is true, and our son is a incorrect man. After that large mistake, that fool would not make an apology even calculated Anupama’s mistake again. Baa mentioned I’m not saying to forgive him, do not throw him out of the home. Bapuji replied after such a mistake, if we enable him to stay in the home, then it is wish to forgive him. Sons largely do incorrect as a result of they know for doing incorrect they needn’t pay something. In addition they know that after shouting 2-Three days, the mom will soften down, and father will forgive, and all of the others will persuade the daughter-in-law. As a result of in our society, the son is house’s lamp, growing old’s stick, and I wish to change this mentality. As of the time, this mentality is not going to change; our daughter and daughter-in-law’s future is not going to change. He’s my son too, however lower than you. I like him, however there’s a distinction between love and endearment. I do know the distinction between proper and incorrect, and I’ll help proper, not incorrect. Within the subsequent scene, Vanraj walked in the direction of Pakhi and mentioned Pakhi beta. And by listening to this, Pakhi runs out from there. Anupama and Samar have eye speak. Pakhi got here to her room and mentioned to Anupama why he did this. I hate him mummy and cried arduous. Anupama tried to calm her down. Vanraj stands in entrance of Toshu and remembers the lie which he instructed him. Vanraj requested Toshu to grasp him. Toshu mentioned, what I’ll perceive, papa. You should be a lawyer as a result of you may characterize a lie in one other means. Toshu mentioned Samar instructed me that you simply instructed me the story, however I mentioned no, he’s my father. I belief him. Identical to the way in which my mom trusts you, blind belief papa. However I forgot in case you can break her belief, then you may break mine one too. However I’m a lot fool papa; you manipulate me in a short time and let me stand towards mom. Vanraj replied, no, you. Toshu replied, no, papa, it is over. Nothing, now I do not belief you however I and never offended with you whereas from myself, as a result of I trusted you greater than mummy. Vanraj replied Toshu, do not say all this. I make a mistake and inform everybody concerning the purpose. Toshu replied that the reason being not justified. Inform me one factor what the distinction between mummy and Baa is? Like mummy, Baa can also’t remedy your official issues, cannot remedy your issues. She can be no more educated, not fashionable; even she talks straight. Baa would not even suppose earlier than talking. Then additionally, you did not seek for some other mom. You did not really feel disgrace on calling her your mom. Toshu continues and mentioned in case you can ignore your mom’s disadvantages, why not your spouse? On the opposite aspect, Anupama calms sweety. Pakhi mentioned my associates’ dad and mom are additionally divorced, that is why my pal lives Monday to Friday with their mom and Saturday Sunday with my father. She mentioned I do not need solely you or solely papa. I need each of you collectively and might’t stay with out you each; I can not select anybody and cried extra. Vanraj mentioned to Toshu; there are lots of issues that folks cannot inform their youngsters. It doesn’t suggest they wish to convey their youngsters at nighttime. Vanraj mentioned I’ve issues and points, however these are between my spouse and me. Not in between my youngsters and me. Do not are available in between all that. Toshu requested how you’ll type by being separated or by taking a divorce? You realize papa; there’s a time once you mentioned to me, don’t fret, I’ll deal with it on their own. And I believe if papa mentioned, then he’ll deal with it. However now I do know that each wording of you isn’t appropriate. Vanraj mentioned to Toshu, and Toshu replied I could not help you. I do know you like everybody. Even I like you however do not belief you. Since you break not even mummy’s coronary heart however breaks all of our coronary heart additionally.

Precap: Vanraj whisked Anupama and mentioned, we haven’t any relationship from which proper you reside right here and say get out. In the meantime, Samar heard all this and shouted Baa, Cool dude and ran in the direction of all of them and tells them every little thing. Bapuji got here in entrance of Vanraj and mentioned, you might be an excessive amount of pleased with the home. Then Bapuji breaks the home paperwork.