Police investigate death of baby with signs of violence in SP

The Civil Police preemptively arrested Carina and Anaflávia a day later and in the following two weeks the other three suspects were also detained In May three months later the five became defendants

The couples daughter and her exgirlfriend claim that they had no intention of killing the family but of robbing it However in addition to the testimony of one of the suspects who contradicted this version the Civil Police broke the confidentiality of the accounts of both on the internet and in messaging applications and discovered research related to the murders.

Among searched terms investigators found searches such as life insurance covers which deaths life insurance for murder death homicide insured which had been made on December 24 2019 the month before the deaths

The jury was scheduled at the end of last July by judge Lucas Tambor Bueno In the decision Bueno considered that the imputation of three crimes of multi-qualified homicide three crimes of concealment of a corpse detailed robbery and criminal association is very serious and demonstrates behavior incompatible with living in society not allowing the granting of any liberators benefit who is responsible for such serious conduct

Less than a month later Carina Ramos decided to break the silence and exclusively for Record TV admitted to participating in the planning of the robbery but not the deaths Carina also said that it was her exgirlfriend who engineered the crime

Vera lost Flaviana her daughter and Juan Victor her grandson in addition to Romuyuki her soninlaw In an interview with Record TV she said that she wants the punishment of the accused for the death of her family including her grand daughter, After losing grandson daughter and soninlaw Vera Lúcia asks for justice.

I only see three coffins of my grandson soninlaw and daughter and I promised justice Im crying out for justice On the 21st it will be done she stated

In addition to the three victims Vera also lost her eldest son Flavianas brother who took his own life It destroyed my family

With no money to leave Extrema in the south of Minas Gerais where she lives with her husband and travel to São Paulo to attend the trial she relied on a crowdfunding so that she could be in Santo André this Monday 21 Im ashamed I dont know how to ask she said.

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