Arrested for death of charred family go to popular jury today

The defendants accused of the death of the Gonçalves family found charred in ABC Paulista in early 2020 will go to the jury this Monday 21 from 10 am Brasilia time in Santo André SP

Seven jurors will evaluate the charges and decide the fate of the five defendants in the crime which took place in January 2020 Anaflavia Gonçalves Carina Ramos and the other three prisoners will answer for three crimes of triple qualified murder cruel clumsy motive and no chance of defense to victims three crimes of concealment of the corpse detailed robbery and criminal association

Along with his girlfriend Carina Anaflávia was accused of planning the crime against her own family Romuyuki and Flaviana Gonçalves her parents and her brother Juan Victor 15 years old

In addition to them the brothers Juliano Oliveira Ramos Júnior and Jonathan Fagundes Ramos Carinas cousins and Guilherme Ramos da Silva Juliano and Jonathans neighbor are also accused of having participated in the crime against the Gonçalves family

The trial will take place in person but only with the people essential to the case Due to health restrictions due to the Covid19 pandemic there will be no opening to the public

The couple Romuyuki and Flaviana Gonçalves and their son Juan Victor were at home in a condominium in ABC Paulista when the three robbers entered the residence with the help of Martins Gonçalves the couples daughter and Carina Ramos de Abreu his girlfriend

According to the investigations as they did not find the R 85 thousand that Carina and Anaflávia had warned they would find in a safe Juliano Oliveira Ramos Júnior Jonathan Fagundes Ramos and Guilherme Ramos da Silva decided to kill Romuyuki Flaviana and Juan Victor taking the belongings of the family

The bodies of the three victims were found in the early hours of January 28 charred inside the familys car on a road in Bernardo.

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