Rihanna and drake on or off?

On July 1, 2016, image website Fans share reported that Drake claimed that Rihanna was breaking his heart. He gave the statement during Rihanna’s function in Manchester. 

Both celebrities have not yet declared their feelings about one another, but rumors have been circulating that they are dating since the year 2009. Rihanna is yet to respond to the allegations, but it is pretty clear that Drake adores her as the most talented woman he knows.

Rihanna and the starship enterprises costar are set to release the first ever video shot with Imax cameras. This video features Rihanna performing magic out in the space and also the starship enterprises which is directed by David Bowie and Katy Perry. 

The name of the song is the “sledgehammer”. At the end of the video clip released, she turns into a celestial god. The tune is not yet released, but the hit will land in theaters in July 2016.

Rihanna showed gratitude to her loyal fans caught in the rain before her concert held in the Manchester, UK. She bought 20 boxes of pizza some being signed by herself. The fans were waiting outside the emirate old Trafford stadium when it started raining ahead of the show.

‘this is what you came for’ Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris became the 25th Rihanna’s song to lead in the Songs Club Songs Chat, making her the second artist ranking on the list of the number ones of all times. This song is her second number one in 2016 after “Work” featuring Drake. The most anticipated sledgehammer might be her 26th in the month of July 2016.