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Rihanna and drake on or off?

On July 1, 2016, image website Fans share reported that Drake claimed that Rihanna was breaking his heart. He gave the statement during Rihanna’s function in Manchester. 

Both celebrities have not yet declared their feelings about one another, but rumors have been circulating that they are dating since the year 2009. Rihanna is yet to respond to the allegations, but it is pretty clear that Drake adores her as the most talented woman he knows.

Rihanna and the starship enterprises costar are set to release the first ever video shot with Imax cameras. This video features Rihanna performing magic out in the space and also the starship enterprises which is directed by David Bowie and Katy Perry. 

The name of the song is the “sledgehammer”. At the end of the video clip released, she turns into a celestial god. The tune is not yet released, but the hit will land in theaters in July 2016.

Rihanna showed gratitude to her loyal fans caught in the rain before her concert held in the Manchester, UK. She bought 20 boxes of pizza some being signed by herself. The fans were waiting outside the emirate old Trafford stadium when it started raining ahead of the show.

‘this is what you came for’ Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris became the 25th Rihanna’s song to lead in the Songs Club Songs Chat, making her the second artist ranking on the list of the number ones of all times. This song is her second number one in 2016 after “Work” featuring Drake. The most anticipated sledgehammer might be her 26th in the month of July 2016.


Celeb Talk: Sofia Vergara

First, let me introduce Sofia Vergara.

Sofia Vergara, 43, Colombian-American actress who is very well known in the industry. We have seen her in numerous TV shows, movies, and commercials. She is always seen in the magazines wearing the latest outfits. 

In the year 2015, Sofia Vergara became married to Magic Mike actor Joe Manganiello at a beach resort in Florida. So far we have not heard any news about pregnancy, but they claim their relationship “couldn’t be better.”

As of yesterday, reports have stated that both Vergara and Manganiello were taking advantage of the social media frenzy of “throwback Thursday.” On Instagram, Manganiello had posted a picture of him in his teenage years while Vergara did the same on hers. This took fans down memory line as this was their initial goal.

In other news, we got to see her latest shopping spree in Los Angeles yesterday. Sofia Vergara was seen shopping in the West Hollywood area looking as sexy as ever. 

Vergara was enjoying her shopping day wearing a partially opened blouse paired with jean flares and high heels. Just to turn more heads, Sofia Vergara showed off some gold by wearing a pair of gold earrings thrown together with some brown rimmed sunglasses.

As we continue to follow the life of the beautiful and talented Sofia Vergara, we see that her life could not be more spectacular. She is currently on Modern Family, she has a great husband who is also a current actor, and we see that people admire her fashion sense as Vergara turns the heads of many. 

Also, to mention, her birthday is coming up on July 10 so we will definitely have to catch up on that news! Let’s see what she has planned.


Anna Kendrick does not have to take a page from the Taylor Swift School Of Celeb Perfectionism.

Anna Kendrick, the 30 years old starlet, who is currently selling her new movie’ MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES

As it have shown previously, Anna Kendrick is much normal and practical person on Twitter. Anna’s hilarious and dry touch of entertainment makes her appear like a relatable pal; somebody you would like to grab a drink with while you enjoy in a flush of her snark, you know what? Because of her amusing and seldom snarky tweets, but all the same, she is glad her fans get her sense of humor.

In a late interview with Net-A-Porter’s news explained her doubt, snarkiness and how she could never be “Taylor Swift.”“I would be terrible at being Taylor Swift, the complete Miss America version of interacting with supporters and making sure they have a good experience,” said Kendrick to the magazine, revealing she does not have the character for all the fan adventures Swift gives.

Anna Kendrick will not be a Taylor Swift, who is famous for breaking fans’ weddings, confusing naive supporters in the hospital and delivering back during her “Swiftmas” giveaways. “I could play Madame Bovary, and I’d still be dry and cynical,” Kendrick said to the magazine.


Celeb Talk: Missi Pyle

Andrea Kay commonly known by her stage name Missi Pyle is an American singer and actress. She has appeared in several films, including the Galaxy Quest, Academy Award-winning film, The Artist, Dodgeball, Big Fish, A True Underdog Story, 50 First Dates, the Chocolate Factory, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Pyle acted as Jake’s Elementary School educator Ms. Pasternak on Two and a Half Men. The part was recast in 2009 for undisclosed reasons. However, Pyle came back to the arrangement in the same part in 2011 and again on the show finale “Of Course He’s Dead” in 2015.

Missi Pyle’s latest series is ABC comedy pilot, “This Might Hurt“. In the proposed series, Pyle plays an ob-gyn with man-trust issues, says the Reporter. 

As a character, she works at a private medical practice, which is run by a middle-aged man and staffed, in part, by his dull son, with whom he’s cannot agree with. Pyle, who has appeared in shows from Heroes to Boston Legal, also appears in the new film, Harold, and Kumar, “Escape from Guantanamo Bay”.

She is among other three joining projects on ABC: that includes Tom Amandes and Alex. This Might Hurt,” and Susanna Thompson has come on board NBC’s drama “Kings.” “Hurt,” from 20th TV, is set at a private medical practice owned by a fifty-something old-school pediatrician, his brainy internist son (Josh Dean) with whom he is in constant conflict and an ob-gyn (Pyle) who has an inherent distrust of all men. 

She is also among the main actors of Pandemic, which has Rachel Nichols, Alfie Allen and her. The series was released on May 23rd, 2016 from Platform Entertainment Limited.


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